Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting back in the game...

Allright, so yesterday I tried out the Selena Gomez quest (sorry didnt take any pics) and that got me wanting to play Wizard 101 again. I'm half-playing it, and half-playing WoW. I'll eventually come back fully. Mmkay, 'Till next time!

Happy Summoning!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sorry guys, but I'm not gonna be playing Wizard101 anymore. I think I'm gonna start play WoW. I play World of Warcraft, because I miss the action, but then again, nothing can beat that Wizard101 Community. I'm happy for you to still play, but I have addictions to attend to. I don't think I'll be playing much WoW either. School's starting, and I think I should get really studying if I want a good scholarship... so... yea. I've passed the previous grade, will I pass this one? Probably. But I do it without trying. I want to try. I'm already advanced, I wanna get advanced.... ER! Yea so, sorry. Davi- err... Fred's leaving too. Bye.

See you in Azeroth

(Goodbye awesomest community on Earth)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two big newses!


1) I beat those Field Guards! W00t! Thanks to a random SpiderBane casting Fire Dragon. (Shoutout to Autumn DragonHeart)

2) Days 'till Fred gets back: 0 he got back late last night! Hurray! We'll settle this celebration over the defeation (?) of the Kraken. Later though, we're gonna have a big ol' party! And a BriskBreeze run! (WHAT? NO!) Nvm! but we're still gonna celebrate! Everyone comment: "Welcome home Fredadung!" Yea! W00t! No more gonniness for him! Actually, I've decided to tell you where he went! He went to [Content Deleted] Now you know! 'Till next time!

Happy Summoning

P.S. Don't tell Fred I tolled you guys... whoever you are... i mean seriously! Nobody reads this! Arrrgh!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Field Guards are tough...

I've been to the Haunted Cave two times today. Both for the same quest: Defeat Field Guards and collect three Hay. Both times, I ended up in the Commons with Professor GreyRose reassuring me everyone gets defeated. /sigh. The first time, it was a 4v4 (Why am I so popular?! Maybe because my Earth Walker was glitched and was as big as the one in the spell!) all 4 Field Guards decided to team on me and unleash their terrible Thunder Bat wrath. The second time, I had full health. All was right with the world... then, he threw at Storm Shark at me! A STORM SHARK! I DIDN'T KNOW HE COULD USE THAT!!! WHO KNEW HE COULD USE THAT?!!? I don't think I'm gonna try again today, my health globe is really hurtin'. I'll wait until tomorrow to unleash my Lord Scooter on their sorry pumpkin heads!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Erhem, 'Till next time!

Happy Summoning!


Txt test :D

:O! My twitter is being discovered! XP

I have a follower on tweeter!
Diary of a Wizard (a.k.a. Ze Armageddon, ally of The Librarian Apocalypse)

So technically, German Spies of Ze Armageddon are getting the dirt on me...

Random Viewer: Aren't they just a Wizard101 Fansit-

AAAAAAAnyways... Ze Armageddon is trying to terminate my plans to annihilate The Librarian Apocalypse.... Two very long stories... just don't ask. My previous plan to throw Fred Fredkerton aside must be put to a temporary halt, for I need his help to fight both Ze Armageddon and The Librarian Apocalypse. Sometime in the future, I plan to tell you guys, but for now it has a big fat ol' red CONFIDENTIAL stamp on it. It's a secret between me, Fred, and my pets. (Shoutout to Miss Roscoe) Well this is getting sorta long so i think I'll end it here. 'Till next time!

Happy Foiling!

P.S. Many famous wizard has fallen to Ze Armageddon (i.e. Stephen Spiritcaller, DittoWizard, icywiz, Kevin BattleBlood, etc.). You've been warned.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Made a new header!

Yup here it is everyone! The new Spiritual Sorcerers Header!

Lol, so... It says Spiritual sorcerers... On the right is a screenshot of a noob, not neccesarily me, but still. And on the right, I blacked out the picture of the noob, because I don't wanna hack Fred right now... so anyways, it'll be up there pretty soon! 'Till next time!

Happy Summoning!

P.S. If you're wondering what that junk between the pictures are it some sort of weird font saying "Spiritual Sorcerers" :D